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We are honest in our understanding of who we are and what we do, Eudonet UK are not the biggest provider of solutions to the UK sector, however our prestigious customers choose and stay with us because they receive the highest level of service not only during the initial project, but for the many years we continue to be their supplier.

We also offer a personal honest service to all our customers, and as such our customers feel that at any time they can approach us with requests such as “we were thinking of doing this could OM.Net help” or “how do your other clients manage…”. To that end we believe that we have created a community of customers which we believe any customer would benefit greatly from being a part of.

We provide a HelpDesk service from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Fridays excluding public holidays. An issue can be raised via the customer extranet HelpDesk application or by e-mail, telephone or fax. The HelpDesk system facilitates the recording of the issue and provides a unique reference number for tracking purposes.

The HelpDesk service is supported by an online HelpDesk portal. This portal allows customers to raise tickets for technical support and assistance 24 hours a day. The portal enables customers to track / view / review their “tickets” through to their conclusion. This system gives the customer a comprehensive view of their “tickets” life cycle, from beginning to end.

Each year we complete a Customer Service Satisfaction Survey to all users of OM.Net to help us evaluate the effectiveness of the HelpDesk service that we provide.

Detailed below are some of the highlights from our most recent survey

  • 94% of our users rated our response time on the HelpDesk as acceptable and above
  • 100% consider the staff on our HelpDesk as courteous and polite
  • 94% of our users would recommend us to a 3rd party
  • 85% of users found our software straightforward to user
  • 30% of our users contact the HelpDesk via our HelpDesk Portal
  • 35% of our users contact the HelpDesk via the telephone
  • 20% of our users contact the HelpDesk via email
  • 15% of our users contact the HelpDesk with a combination of all communication channels.

We have an active Customer Forum who meets annually to discuss road map items as well as a product development focus group who ensure that we are moving our solutions in the right direction.

All our customers have the opportunity to take part in our Free Training Friday sessions, these are webinar sessions that take place on a Friday and cover core generic topics such as “how to complete a renewal run” or “how to process Direct Debits”. These invaluable sessions are recorded and made available via our knowledge portal and have been a fabulous resource for our customers

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