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Full control off all our customers’ purchases

OM.Net Product Sales

Full control off all our customers’ purchases

The OM.Net Product Sales Module provides a comprehensive solution to streamline sales. Product can be physical items of stock that need to purchased and shipped, an individuals time (i.e consultancy fees) downloadable items or advertising.

The OM.Net Product Sales Module manages stock control, financials, payments, production of required documentation including delivery notes as well as delivery pricing models.

The OM.Net Product Sales Module provides a consolidated solution which allows the user to raise invoices and record sales of products and services against individuals and organisations.

  • Member / non-members pricing as well as other purchaser types
  • Cost of sales and product costs to analyse the costs of sales and margins
  • Delivery pricing models for example; order value, weight, postal zones
  • Packages, grouping of products together and sold as a package as well as bulk purchase discounting

The key features of
OM.Net Product Sales

  • Stock control
  • Stage order fulfillment
  • Consultancy fees
  • Nominal processing
  • Delivery note production
  • Self-service with OM.Net Web Tools
  • Financial transaction history
  • Sales reporting
  • Financials invoicing, payments receipts
  • Advertising orders
  • Search facility (specific or free text)

OM.Net Modules

OM.Net Product Sales Module integrates flawlessly with the other OM.Net modules, providing you with the tools to achieve the ultimate goal of providing better customer engagement through relationship management.

The .Net platform means it integrates seamlessly with other systems and applications

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