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  • Our software can be either installed on a server in your offices or in a hosted environment. For on-premise we can provide a server specification so you can be sure your current server can accommodate it (the requirements are not high spec).  For hosted (SAAS / ‘cloud’) we source a dedicated server via a recognised 3rd party hosted server provider who has a secure dedicated data centre.

  • Yes, we do provide this service. We work with the customer to make sure we have all their requirements and then provide a fix priced project based on those discussions and understanding. We provide a full proposal explaining the modules that have been bought and the services included.

  • OM.Net is sold by module and then for concurrent users in block of 5.  We feel that concurrent users give organisations further flexibility when purchasing our software as it allows you to have as many user names and password for OM.Net as you need with only the number of concurrent users that you have purchased the licence for having access to the software at any one time.  You do not have to purchase the same number of concurrent users across all the modules that you purchase.  Indeed some of our customers for example have a 20 concurrent user licence for the core and the membership modules and 10 concurrent user licence for their Events modules as more people need access to the core and membership modules at any one time.

  • Yes. The system allows for both of these scenarios.

    Corporate membership allows for records to be paid for by other companies (so head office pay for sub offices, and the bill goes to the head office) or individual organisations.

    Private membership covers the usual membership needs (grades, payment methods).

  • Yes, the software solution provides a number of ‘out of the box’ workflows. These include:

    • The handling of membership subscriptions
    • Renewal management
    • Automatic addition of members to mailing lists
    • Automatic allocation of members to customer specific regions and areas based on postcode
    • And more…
  • Yes. The system allows for both of these scenarios. The built in call to an online provider of your choice allows for immediate payment however the system also allows for the creation of an invoice that is sent to the member to pay within an agreed timeframe.

    As you would expect this feature is carried through to the web tools where a member online can ask for an invoice to be sent through rather than pay immediately.

  • We fully recommend that you have a demonstration of OM.Net, which will give us the opportunity to show you how the software will benefit you and your organisation.  In the first instance we recommend a webinar demonstration which takes about an hour and a half and will give you a good overview of OM.Net, alternatively we can visit you at your offices, or you can visit us here in North Staffordshire.

  • Yes, absolutely, if you decide that you are going to go out to tender for your project, please contact us where we can discuss your tender document.

OM.Net Modules

OM.Net is our versatile, function rich CRM for the Not-for-Profit sector. Configurable and flexible, it allows you to choose from optional modules to help with memberships, events, sales and more.

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