Eudonet UK Slavery and HumanTrafficking Statement

Pursuant to UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015

Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires organisations that supply goods or services and have a consolidated global turnover of £36 million per annum or more to prepare a slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year and make such statement publically available. Although our turnover is currently less than £36 million per annum and we do not have a legal obligation to publish this statement, we believe in the basic principles of human rights and consider this statement as a matter of good practice and support for the above law.

Eudonet UK works primarily within the areas of software application development and related professional services. We consider the sectors in which we operate and our supply chains to be at lower risk of slavery.


Eudonet UK agree that Modern Slavery is a criminal activity and a violation of Human Rights. Exploitation of a person by depriving them of liberty and forced work at unacceptable pay levels for commercial or personal gain is unacceptable.

All staff employed directly, as part of a subsidiary company or part of the supply chain have a duty to communicate our zero tolerance of these issues at the start of any business relationship.

They must insure that minimum labour standards are adhered to, how the business factors in to its costing structure full labour costs into the sourcing of materials and production to avoid introduction of slave labour.

We have communicated our zero-tolerance approach to all our colleagues and will continue to do so.

Any employee with concerns about this issue may report it in the knowledge that they will be protected under the company whistleblowing procedure if they operate under UK law.

The nature of the services we provide and the policies and procedures we already operate mean that we consider ourselves to be at ‘low risk’ risk of slavery, unlawful child labour or human trafficking existing within our own business.

In relation to our supply chains, we make little use of services demanding unskilled labour and those products and services we do consume are sourced from reputable suppliers. We will continue to remain vigilant to ensure that this remains the case.

This statement was approved by Eudonet UK’s Directors Chris Sinclair and Peter Sinclair.

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